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EVAbits’ engineers apply their expertise to assist companies in developing and realising their ideas for new products and services. We keep up with the latest developments in embedded systems design, software and hardware, to be able to empower our customers with optimal advice and products. Generating reliable data is integral to the whole chain, all the way from data generation to presentation. With our broad knowledge of product innovation, we can take care of the entire development, from inception to production and maintenance, or co-develop it close collaboration with the clients’ own team.

What do we do?


Creative thinking. That is what innovation is all about. But the difference between a dreamer and an innovative entrepreneur is: solid know-how into what will [economically] work and what not. We provide just that. We perform research, generate models, design experiments, and build proof-of-concepts. We can give the client a detailed description of the possibilities, the costs, the benefits, and the risks of developing their ideas.

Proof of concept

Designing a representational experimental proof-of-concept is key for the success of the later product. With backgrounds in experimental R&D, EVAbits is excellently positioned for this. It is our objective to quickly, but accurately, demonstrate the [economic] feasibility of a design. We identify the key specifications that require testing, design the tests and build the test setups.


EVAbits’ prototypes take an idea from concept to product, taking into account all specifications. The product takes on its defintive look and function, and we consider the future producibility as well. Prototypes are usually tested in the lab as well as in the field and also subjected to regulatory tests. The prototypes generate data that is used to develop the analysis, back-end and presentation. More than one iterations may be done at this stage, as test results and user feedback may inspire new features and design modifications.


The prototype design is optimized for the market, taking into account all facets, like: marketing, production, maintenance and support. At the clients preference, we can make available all designs, tests and production information, or we can take care of production ourselves.

What have we done recently?

Arduino library for Sensirion STS3x sensors 06 Jul 2017

The great thing about development these days is that there is a library for everything. I could not find an Arduino library for Sensirion’s STS-30 temperature sensors, which i am using for a project (with Arduino M0). I modified the STH-library, which ìs available on the Sensiron GitHub. To top it all off, the example also includes an additional I2C on pins 2 and 3. The STS library for Arduino is available on: My Github.

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RFID logger delivered 21 Apr 2017

We have created a first prototype of an improved version of BrightWork’s SandCycle RFID logging system for sand filtration monitoring system. Compared to the old system we based the new one on a full blown linux system adding a lot of flexibility and extra expansion options for the future.

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Start of a new adventure 22 Mar 2017

We are both exited and happy to announce that EVAbits is now an official company registered at the KvK in the Netherlands.

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What can we do ... for you?


For technical advice, or for a temporary addition to your research team.
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EVAbits offers consultancy in the fields of hardware and (embedded) software engineering, product development and applied research for product innovations.

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Data analysis

Model the process, model the data. Generate insight and automate actions.
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EVAbits not only provides the means to gather data, we also perform detailed analyses. We apply multiple modeling principles to generate insight.

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From high level algorithm development to embedded software.
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Evabits can translate ideas to code. From high level algorithms all the way down to embedding those in your products, we can implement it.

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Feasibility studies, proof-of-concepts, prototypes and finalized products.
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EVAbits researches and performs experiments to prove the feasibility of your idea. These can result in product prototypes or demo models for exhibits.

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